James Fenimore Cooper 詹姆士‧庫柏 1789年9月15日

An interesting fiction... addresses our love of truth - not the mere love of facts expressed by true names and dates, but the love of that higher truth, the truth of nature and principals, which is a primitive law of the human mind.

電影「大地英豪」原著《The Last of the Mohicans》作者庫柏是美國文學史上的重要作家,庫柏的作品捕捉到許多美國1776年利國前後的時代精神:人類和大自然的互動、白人和印第安人的衝突、英國和美國之間的糾葛、拓荒者的冒險患難 ... 等等。除了人文風景之外,他在書中描寫出尚未被開發時美洲大地上的廣袤森林、峻秀湖泊、壯麗山川,真是令人嚮往。

Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie 阿嘉莎.梅.克拉蕊莎.米勒  1890年9月15日

代表作為《Murder on the Orient Express 東方快車謀殺案》,被英王伊莉莎白二世封為女爵,出版商尊稱為「永遠的謀殺天后」

Robert McCloskey 羅勃‧麥羅斯基 1914年9月15日

《Make Way for Ducklings 讓路給小鴨子》多麼令人懷念的溫馨繪本啊!也曾經,在秋意颯颯的新英格蘭,佇立在冷冷的湖邊,看著汽車讓路給排成一列過馬路的鴨子們。

Tomie dePaola 湯米.狄波拉 1934年9月15日

〈Writing is like cooking〉by Tomie dePaola

I like to cook at Christmas --- or any time for that matter --- and I believe that writing a good manuscript is like making a good stock. You start by throwing all your scraps (your ideas) --- onion peel, potato peel, carrot peel, old bones, you name it --- into a pan of water. As that heats up, scum begins rising to the surface. It is very important to scoop that scum off the top of the liquid and get rid of the impurities from all the stuff you've put in. As the scum rises you need to continue to skim it off, and that takes a long time. One must be very patient. After all the scum is gone, you bring the stock to a sot rolling boil so there is a little more activity. The longer you let that stock (the experiences) slowly simmer, the more essential flavors can come out of the ingredients. Now, at this point, you taste the stock, boosting the flavor by adding some peppercorns, some salt, some spices, letting them simmer together. Then, with layers of cheesecloth, you strain the stock, throwing all the leftover away ...

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